I’ve been singing a lot lately… I think I’m gonna give someone ear ache… Ah well… I still haven’t got my phone back but I’m not gonna be the materialist my dad seems to want me to be… But I’m not going to embrace any type of sycophantic behaviour and choose item over friend, oh no, I will not. I’m just annoyed that I lost my notes… 30 or so poems… and my pictures.
I recently finished my english coursework. An ‘original writing’ piece… Turned out well I guess but it’s a bit random XD
But my favourite part is the last line 😉
 I felt the cold, hard barrel of the gun against the skin on the back of my neck and heard the click of the PK17 pistol as I fell to the floor…
She isn’t dead though… I had to finish it quickly so I left it on a cliffhanger ^ _^
 It’s titled "Candy Mountain" (don’t ask…)
I might post it up when I have finished my final draft =3