~~ Inspiré par l’étoile de regarder Oppa-kun et je

Dédié à mon plus grand inspiation ❤ ~~

I’ll meet you under the light of the moon,
Don’t let me down or I spoke too soon,
The soft stars shining bright,
I’ll bring you one but not tonight,
Here in the blue moon light,
Closing my eyes, to hold the feeling in tight,
L’amour est tout simplement trop forte.
Such beauty under starlight,
As we gaze upon the twilight,
Where my only wish upon a star,
Is that in our hearts we would go far,
Souhait venir vrai, sur une étoile.
Meet me under the stars,
We will see if it is too hard,
I’ll let you in, my life’s ajar,
Open it wider, surely you’ll see,
This vivacious world you made for me,
So breathtaking, so amazing, so delicately fine,
Reste avec moi jusqu la fin des temps.
You can’t be real, too soft to touch,
Deep brown eyes that say so much,
Gentle face that means a lot,
Cold-hearted you always are not,
So cold again I will be never,
Parce que vous me tenir chaud comme nous l’accolade ensemble.
To watch the stars in the night sky,
With one who’s marked so the heart does recognise,
The one who sees it and I wonder why,
I would enjoy it so well with who,
I chose to watch the stars with you,
Après tout, mon amour est pour vous.