I knew it,
It’s you,
I knew,
It was too good to be true.

Someone’s always upset,
Someone I want to keep happy,
Now I’m full of regret,
I don’t know which way to turn,

What lesson will I learn,
From this messed up situation,
The promises,
The feelings,
The understandable needing,
For someone to be there,
Someone just to care,

Oh why oh why,
Did I ever let myself cry,
That first time,
I broke your heart,
Just to get mine torn,
I’m masochistic,
My tears are over worn,
Like the clothes on the floor,
Fallen to the ground before dawn,

Before anything has a chance to settle,
I feel like I’m dying,
What could hurt worse,
Than needlessly crying,
For something you’ve caused,
It’s all my fault,
Why did I start this in the first place,
I was so stupid to care,
About much more than a hair,

Now I have to pay the price,
We have to pay the price,
It wasn’t very nice,
Of me to drag you into this,
But it’d hurt to push you back out,
It’s so selfish of me to keep you here,
Go, dear,
Before I hurt you more,
You should all go,
Leave me alone,

I’m a bad omen,
Evil surrounds me,
I don’t want another to feel this pain,
I deserve to have to deal with it on my own…