It’s been over ten days since I last posted… So, yeah… Anyone need an update? Not that I really do anything interesting. I mean, the second most exciting part of my day today was finding my lost tin of cherry drops (a full tin, mind). I noticed three or four days ago that it had gone missing from underneath my pillow… And then spent the days up until now aimlessly searching for it. But today I actually thought about where it would have gone and, lo-and-behold, here I have it by my side on my bed! What a great detective I am (not)! At least I’m academically smart to make up for my lack of every-day smartness… With the grades I get, how can I be so dumb usually? I have now discovered that, after the exams back in November, I have acheived a grade of A* in Maths and A in English. Good grades… I guessed I’d get those grades… And I have another exam next Wednesday: Physics. Wish me luck? Matte ne~