Once again, I’m reminded why I hate P.E. Team sports. And when we’re ”paired off.” People would rather ask if they could ‘make a three’ than be paired up with me. Somebody even got told to pair up with me and what did they do? They said they were going to make a three instead and leave me on my own. And so I was left (yet again) roaming around while everybody else got on with the activity, meaning I didn’t get to participate. Lovely. What happened to my so-called-reliable friends? Even with an odd number of them, they still don’t include me. Instead they include some random girl who just wandered towards their group… Thanks. I appreciate how they immediately think of me when they’re short a person.

All in all, P.E. in high school tends to remind a person (me) of how much of a loner/loser/whatever they get called they are… It also reminds them of who their friends aren’t… I hate high school… I wish it was this time next year rather than now.

If anybody reads this and thinks ”Omg that’s what happens to me too!” I feel truly sorry for you… Loneliness is the worst feeling of all. Especially loneliness in a crowd. Oh I love highschool…. (/sarcasm).