For Riley. Happy birthday, fucker.

If she took my place,
Her, her and them,
If they pushed me from grace.

I’d enjoy the solitude,
Given the chance
to include in my attitude
what’s known from a glance.

He knew it was rude,
He knows right from wrong,
Or does he? Really,
does he?
I wonder
how long it was to last – written
in the stars! Fate
loosened it’s grasp
when he took charge.

Twisting and turning.
Writhing and worming.
Charred and churning.
Hurt… And hurting?

If that is I,
And I am
There is something missing
on this grim day.

Sixteen years, oh
sweet sixteen,
Lucky to live
past even fifteen.

Sweet? Sweet!
Oh so far from it!
Proposterous! That’s the end of it,
Sinister sweet,
I would believe
if I had heard, oh
sweet death
of that little blue bird.

This day, I had been waiting
to cross the star
that had me hating.

Happy birthday, dear!
I need you here,
How else would you see
the scarlet bracelet that
you gave to me?
Another gift of yours to me!
I must present you with one
some time soon, yes? So Let Me Ask:
Would You Like That?

The twisted soul you witness here
is all for you, my fucking dear,
Let me hold
your heart,
As you did mine,
Squeeze too tight
and pierce the tissue,
With razorblade nails – just
For You.

14th March 1995,
That was the day
you came alive.
That was the day
of which in
somewhere far
a woman gave birth to
Uneraseable Sin.