So… The Jekyll & Hyde performance last Friday was much better and really amazing to be a part of (even though I looked and sounded really dumb while on stage). My boyfriend spent the night which was amazing, to say the least. I’ll remember the morning of the 7th of May. He went and spent money on me! He bought Domos! Yes they’re amazingly cute and it was an amazing gesture but they cost him about £10 a piece! And he bought two! I told him not to spend money on me… After dinner, we visited my sister and the shop I sold my dress to (I’m £20 richer) and then walked to the bus station. I was sad to see him go. Really sad. Mostly because I just wanted him to stay so we could spend more time together but also because if he left, he couldn’t protect me from my father’s wrath when I got home. It all went downhill from there.