I had a strange dream. It woke me up at roughly 4:30am (again!). It was about my R.E. exam, strangely enough. Me and a handful of my “friends” from school were sitting the paper in a classroom (for some unknown reason…) and they finished before I did. I got to the second section and then this woman with brown hair came in and told us we had half an hour left and then stood around for a bit. In, like, five minutes, she started talking to us and then put some boxes down on my paper (I wasn’t finished). When I asked her to move them, she smiled sickeningly sweetly at me and refused. Then we had an arguement and I stormed out and ended up late to some assembly or other and my dumb head of house listened to what I said about it but did nothing. So I went home. Then apparently I’d sent my head teacher a raunchy text with something about candles that wasn’t meant for him… It was a strange dream, indeed.