I currently have C’mon Girl by Red Hot Chili Peppers stuck in my head. Anyway… I had a very deep, long, emotional conversation with my Oppa today while we were lying on my bedroom floor… It was quite nice… Up until the point that I, for some unknown reason, decided it was probably time to talk to him about something that had been bothering me for weeks… Ever since he told me what his dad likes to be called as a nickname. If I hadn’t been so parched, I probably would have cried, to be honest… I’m just that on edge… Close to breaking point… And I have no idea where all this stress came from… It was nice though when my Oppa-kun tried to give me a sort of shoulder massage. Even though it was a little rough because of his heavy handedness, it did relieve some stress. It was nice. Even nicer when he decided kissing across my shoulderblades would be more effective. And it was. Much better than a shoulder massage (ahah…). If I sleep properly tonight, it’ll be a miracle. I hope my Oppa sleeps well. And Shaan, too. Shaan should email me (hint hint…). So, to whoever reads my blog, good night and sweet dreams. Oyasumi nasai.