Yesterday, I went out in a good mood. I was going to sell my old phone for a decent price and sell a game to a friend for a decent price, too.

My old phone was in great condition except for a small scratch. I had everything but the charger in my almost pristine box. It’d be pretty good to sell. We went to CeX to sell it. They said they couldn’t buy it without a charger. We went other places. They all said it needed a charger. We went hunting for a cheap charger, found one, and took it back to CeX. They said to leave it with them and they’d test it. We came back about thirty minutes later and they told us they couldn’t buy it because it didn’t work. We went to Cash Converters. They took it for £40 instead of the £57 to £60 that CeX offered. We tested it in Cash Converters. It worked fine. I hate CeX.

I found my friend who I was selling the game to (after cheering myself up and having my Oppa cheer me up too, which I’m thankful for). She was holding a bag of shopping and told me she didn’t have the money for it. She only had sweets and it looked like it was all from the pound shop. Granted, the friends she was with could’ve bought all that but then they would carry it, wouldn’t they? It all seemed odd to me.

I feel like I have terribly large mass amounts of bad luck looming over me. Maybe I should just stay in bed. Then nothing can happen to me, right? Well… I guess there’s always something bad that could happen no matter what I do… Normally, I don’t believe in bad luck, I believe in karma. But what have I done wrong to deserve this? Except for the obvious.