I find myself waking up quite early lately… I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because my alarm clock is set for a stupid time. But I always seem to wake up before it goes off.

I also find myself not so much needing as wanting to earn money. It frustrates me when I have none. If anybody knows what kind of shops offer Saturday jobs, feel free to let me know… I really haven’t a clue. And I know the boat yard isn’t hiring until after Winter. So sometime after Winter, I’ll probably go there with my sister and get a job there because they apparently pay quite well.

I think, for now, the solution to my problem is probably a paper round. I had one before that was in the mornings and after school but… I quit that one. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t. But yeah… I’ll probably go and see if the newsagents needs anyone to do paper round… Wish me luck? Ahah…