I seem to have found unpublished blog entries in my drafts. They seem to be from around March and April of this year. A poem; a normal, everyday entry; and another entry. I can’t say I know what to do with them. Will they stay in my drafts forever? Will I publish them? Will I publish one or two of them? Will I delete any of them?

I think I may delete the everyday post. It doesn’t apply anymore as it was only about the day that I wrote it on.

The poem is very hateful. Addressed to a certain person on a certain date. He may never see it. I think I was just blowing off steam, like with the song. Though I showed him the song. He found out I wrote it about him and had a few choice words to say about it.

The other entry is personal. It doesn’t apply as strongly as it did back then. It was a rather bleak time for me. I think it was around March/April. Heh.

I just wonder if anybody wants to see those posts. They may be slightly offensive and aggressive… Still interested? No? Didn’t think so. Nobody ever is.