So I’ve decided to become a vegetarian when I leave home. The reason I’m not deciding to become vegetarian now is because it would be too awkward for my parents. I tried it once before and it didn’t go well – they couldn’t find any decent vegetarian products. It was all horrible veggie burgers and stuff… I’m not a big fan. I’ll have to do some research on things like protein substitutes, etc.

The reason I’ve made this choice is for ethical reasons. It would be a lot less polluting and stuff like that because it takes more energy and water to process meat than any other food substance. With the world already running low on resources, I think the planet would benefit if more people were to make this choice. That’s my personal belief.

I think it’s also a moral choice as well as an ethical choice because we are morally compelled to take care of the planet we live in “for our children and our children’s children.” It may be the same droning monotone we hear about this subject everyday but there is method to this madness.

I honestly cannot say I have any problem with eating meat (y’know, survival of the fittest and all that) but I have a problem with the effects it has on the environment. So much water and resources are used up on the production of meat that could be used for other things. We have enough food in the world to feed the whole world yet we choose not to and people die of starvation. Just goes to show what a morally challenged race we humans have become.

“Mankind is a creature that no longer evolves, is it not? One theory says that man is a neoteny and is no longer able to evolve. If this is true, then what an absurd creature mankind has evolved into. Not knowing what it is that drives them they keep their bodies merely to satisfy the desires of the flesh. They’re worthless, don’t you think? That’s all mankind is.” – Masami Eiri, Serial Experiments Lain.