It was my sixteenth birthday yesterday. It was a great birthday. No fancy party or anything – just family, cake and presents (the present that stood out was my new moogle plushie – I love it!). My birthday this year was almost as sweet as the slice of birthday cake I had earlier. The cake was quite sickly sweet, if I’m honest… I didn’t eat it yesterday because I was too full up on mushroom pizza… Yeah, I know, junk food is bad… But it’s okay once in a while, right?
I spent most of the night yesterday on Skype while sorting out my phone so I could put my new 16GB memory card into it. I was wearing a kawaii bright green frog hat (it’s my friend’s, not mine) and cuddling my moogle (I named him Kupo) while on webcam to Shaan-kun (he kept telling me how “adorable” I looked… I’m not cute…). All in all, a good night to end a good day.
I don’t feel much different being sixteen. Now I’m legally allowed to have sex, haha. Apparently now I’m classed as a young adult? Though it depends on your level of maturity as to if people will think of you as an adult or not. I’m quite mature, if I do say so myself.