I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the “episode” I had yesterday. I spaced out for quite a while (I think) with my phone in my hand and then woke up on the floor. When I’d spaced out, I was standing by the door. I woke up a few steps away in front of the TV.
Personally, in a spaced out state, I don’t think I could have unlocked my phone, let alone sent so many texts, but that’s what the evidence points to.
I’m still not sure exactly what caused me to space out (Shaan-kun said it could have been stress… Seems like the only logical angle at this point).
I hope I can eventually sort this mess out.
Luckily, the two people who were texted during my episode understood that I was not in my right mind. Seems they attempted to extract information from her. I haven’t thanked them for it. I’d like to know as much about her as possible… Maybe that way I can understand her better and try and rid myself of her. I can’t help but wonder where she’d go… It’d be cruel to rid myself of her if she had nowhere else to go…