I just finished watching the second Death Note movie (Death Note: The Last Name) with my family. Upon watching the finishing credits acknowledging actor’s names and whatnot, I wondered why the music accompanying this was Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Snow ((Hey Oh)). I also wonder why the Red Hot Chili Peppers decided to double bracket the “Hey Oh”… But that was their choice and they probably had a very good reason for it, albeit subliminal.

I question the inclusion of Red Hot Chili Pepper songs in the Death Note movies. The songs used were not exactly suited to the type of storyline in Death Note. The three songs used were Under The Bridge, Dani California and Snow ((Hey Oh)). All of which are on CDs somewhere within my house (oh yeah, I like RHCP. So does my mother). This particular puzzle has me perplexed. I really have no idea.

I’ve also found out through a small amount of research that there is a remake of the Death Note story on its way. The Americans seemed interested in it. How nice. I am thoroughly disappointed to see that it’s rumoured that Zac Effron will be cast as Light Yagami. Even though nothing has been confirmed, I see this as an utter insult to Light Yagami as a character and also to the original creator of the storyline. Most Americans seem to have a… Shall we say… reduced intellect. So many beers, so little brain cells.