Purple WKD is supposed to be “Mixed fruits” or something. It tastes like one of the various “Summer fruit” drinks that are usually in a carton or something. So it was quite tasty. The downside is that it tasted nowhere near alcoholish (I’m not sure how to define that… But it basically tasted of no alcohol content), which I’m quite disappointed about. But I like purple WKD.
For no apparent reason, I came up with the idea of adult sized sippy cups. I know you’re thinking “Wtf? That’s stupid, man!” But it’s a relatively normal idea. The idea is that these sippy cups are for alcohol. The sippy cup thing prevents the alcohol from gushing out of the cup, therefore the adult won’t get drunk as quickly. Also, when they do get drunk, it prevents them from spilling their drink and wasting more money wasting the drink than they wasted buying the drink. Personally, I think it’s a good idea but I digress.