The battle between freedom of speech and censorship is evident… Everywhere. Not just in the media. From within people’s private conversations to live on international television. But why?
Society is, by far, dishonest. I’m no better, I guess. Though I always try my best to be as honest as possible. Whether or not you agree with me, I don’t like lying to people. Everybody that counts knows that. Well, everybody that counts and the readers of my blog. Whether or not they are the same people is a different matter.
From the creation of my blog to the present, I have been ruled by censorship. I haven’t posted certain things so that certain people won’t get upset. Doesn’t mean I’m lying. It just means that I’m not saying some things.
I’d like to know who actually reads my blog so I know how restricted I am in what I say. I mean, if somebody at school who I don’t trust reads it, I don’t want to post all my secrets up here, y’know?
Having said that, I need ice cream. But I digress…