I loaded up my Facebook page to find that I had comments on some photos I recently uploaded that I took today. I thought “Great! I wonder what awesome or funny comments somebody made on my photos!” and eagerly selected the notification only to be greatly disappointed.
A good friend of mine was previously infatuated with me. I’m not sure why. Long story short, it never went anywhere and we both decided to remain friends. We are good friends. But I digress.
Her *ahem* lovely girlfriend was the one who had commented on my photos. Now, bearing in mind the history between me and my friend, her girlfriend has an extreme (unnecessary) jealousy complex towards me. She’d commented on two pictures of me, telling me inadvertantly that I looked really bad on these photos and that my new hair cut is, well… Stupid. Admittedly, the photos weren’t the best but, still… My mother always said “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” Smart woman.
Sometimes, harsh comments need to be made. You have to be cruel to be kind on occasion. But I already knew I looked bad in those photos. So why did I upload them? Well, a best friend of mine took those pictures with my camera. It would have been rude of me not to upload them.
The bottom line is: I don’t need some stuck up, private school, jealousy complexic bitch snob that can’t spell nor grasp the simple nuances of what a person says telling me that I look bad. I KNOW IT ALREADY.