The power went out today so I sat downstairs in the candlelight and checked Facebook using my mobile internet. Low and behold, that butch bitch who bugged me the other day was arguing on my photo with one of my best friends.
Now, this particular friend is amazing. I thank her for saying all the things I never had the courage to say because, frankly, I’m afriad of conflict. Naturally. Once it gets going, I’m fine. I just don’t like starting it.
It ended up that her girlfriend got involved. If she needs her girlfriend to come save her then she’s pathetic. I never asked my friends to get involved. She probably requested her girlfriend save her from the wrath of the fucking truth. Did I bring my boyfriend into the arguement when she insulted me? I did not. I dealt with it myself because I’m a mature person.
So after spouting profanities, she started using idiotic sarcasm. How mature, huh?
So, in the end, it became another same old story. We’ll call this one “The Butch Who Cried Bitch.”