Plumtree is a band that composed a song called Scott Pilgrim, for those of you that didn’t know. I think they were hippies. But I digress.
In the line of hand-me-downs and, now, hand-me-ups, this is probably the best shirt I’ve ever received from one of my siblings. My brother came to me this morning and complained that his Scott Pilgrim shirt was too big for him, seeing as though it’s a men’s size L and he’s clearly an adolescent girl growing breasts faster than you can say boy. So I said to him “If you’re THAT bothered, I’ll have it.” So… Now I have it.
The size of it doesn’t bother me because I’m used to wearing shirts a size or two too big (I have a tendency to wear my boyfriend’s shirts…). Though I can’t help but think it could be put to better use.
Anybody want a bright yellow Scott Pilgrim VS The World shirt?