I’m not sure my family trusts me. And they joke about it, which really pisses me off. So they piss me off with one too many jokes and how do I react? I tell them what I should’ve told them a while ago. In an advertant way, I told them I don’t think they trust me.
How does my father react to that? He follows me into the kitchen. Follows? No, he stormed into the fucking kitchen and slammed the baby gate behind him so that it ricochets off of each wall either side of the door frame. Then shouted “See? I can overreact too!” At me. Then gave me a lecture on fucking respect. What a guy.
If my family knew me at all, they would see that I have major issues with people trusting me. And if they can’t trust me, I can’t trust them. Same goes for respect and just about everything else. But they don’t know me.
As for respect, I’ve always been told that I’ve got to respect someone for them to respect me. I’ve always, always been sceptical about this concept. It makes little sense. Someone won’t respect you until you respect them, right? So why should you respect them if they don’t respect you? It’s a vicious fucking circle.
In the end, I probably respect my father a lot more than he respects me. Which is unfair. Highly. If I reflected his respect for me back on himself, his temper would get so out of control that I would literally be scared to go home. But I can’t say anything to him – oh no – because that’s disrespectful. Viscious. Fucking. Circle.

On another not, I saw a white cat. But then I looked at the same spot from another angle and there was a mop in a grey bucket… Too many video games?