Today, I visited a college within the city I live, but in a different town. Or something. It’s a good college, I guess.
We had a tour and did some Law based discussions, thus deciding that life would be chaos without the laws that we take for granted. (Quoting from the teacher who took us there: “The roads would be like in India!” She says the roads in India are chaotic). We were also lectured about acceptable A levels we should take to get into university. It’s all very confusing. Gave me a headache. The back of my mind was screaming “Listen up! You need to know this!” While the front was screaming “Man, I’m so bored! Tell her to shut up, already!” Then the middle shouted over them all saying “You’re being way too sarcastic with these people. You should introduce them to some glow-in-the-dark dinosaur stickers. Inform them that the stickers should be attached to their underwear diligently.” But I did neither because I was too busy trying to make out what they saying.
In other news, my father recently obtained a Starhawk beta key. The way he obtained it was quite controversial. The Facebook group which he follows posted a status saying “The first one to comment can have this last beta key code.” Dad saw it. Commented. Lo and behold – he was the first to comment. So he’s currently playing the Starhawk beta 1.0.1. It looks like a really great game but I doubt I’ll end up playing. If I’m honest, I like the concept of Starhawk and Warhawk but I don’t really like playing Warhawk so I doubt I’ll enjoy Starhawk. I’m not a huge fan of war styled combat. I prefer fighting games for combat.