Emails are getting about as reliable as the post is, only this annoyance is free.
It’s often that letters get “lost in the post”, right? So where do half of my emails get lost? Is there a Digimon in the internet eating my data? Should we call in Tai and Matt? I hope not. We could always call the thing up on the screen and hit delete (“Don’t you think I’ve tried that!!?”).
Either way, I am getting thoroughly pissed off with the reliability of emails. If I send an email, I can almost guarantee that it won’t get to the receiver in one piece. Wtf? Maybe I’ll start using my Gmail account instead, though I usually only use that for stuff to do with my phone. Besides, that might do the same as Hotmail does for me; and I am thoroughly sick of the recipient getting the first two words of the email and not the other 67.