Now when somebody wants to buy me something… I can appreciate the gesture. I happen to think it’s a really sweet gesture. But I tell them not to. I can appreciate the simple fact that they want to give me something that will make me smile. That alone is enough to contract the four muscles in my face which are required to smile.
Now, bearing this in mind, more often than not, they go ahead and buy me something anyway. It never is something small money-wise, really, which makes me feel a little guilty because the only gifts I ever really buy for people are simple, little impulse buys because I want to make the person smile a little.
Money is no object to me. But only when it’s my money. I don’t like other people spending their money on me… They could use that money to make themselves happy or to make sure they eat properly or something that means it isn’t wasted on me. But I appreciate it nonetheless.
My darling Shaan-kun bought me Tekken 6 because we’d been playing Tekken 5 at the weekend and the online mode is terrible. It lags WAY too much. It thoroughly got on my nerves (it meant I couldn’t pull off this one combo I’d spent the best part of half an hour trying to perfect… Not that I’d managed to perfect it). Shaan-kun tried to convince me that he only went easy on me once. Judging by the way he fought the other players in the online room, the other times: I won by luck; he went easy on me; or he got lazy and couldn’t really be bothered because it actually wouldn’t take much to beat me (I’m terrible at Tekken). Apparently, Tekken 6 is a lot better online. We’ll see, eh?
I think it’s cute that Shaan-kun got me Tekken 6. Means we can play Tekken online together without it lagging terribly. AND it has a co-op mode (so I’m told) so we don’t necessarily have to fight each other, which is a bonus. I appreciate the thoughtfulness of the gift… Though I wish he wouldn’t have spent money on me.