So this blog post is apparently to say how awesome Beckie is. This is because I couldn’t think of anything to post and I’m on her laptop so she goes “POST ABOUT HOW AWESOME I AM, K BRO!” because she totally talks like that as well as types like that.
She thinks she gets annoying but she really doesn’t. At least, I don’t think she does. But my version of Tekken 5 doesn’t work on her PS2 so I am highly disappointed. I wanted to kick her ass at Tekken. Even if I didn’t, it’d just be another game she can beat me at. She beats me at Singstar because she’s such an amazing singer. And she loves The Beatles. In particular, John Lennon, who she claims is her lawyer.
So… I have nothing else to say except that she is generally awesome. There are a lot of awesome people who I am blessed with in my life and she is one of them. You could be too, blog reader person. Just ask me if you are. If I don’t know you I will call you “BLOGREADER1” or something. Maybe it would make more sense to call you by your username… But then again, when do I make much sense? Currently being laughed at by Beckie. Love my life. SEX MIGHT HELP.
Beckie just offered to give me sex. Good sex. “Bro.”