Our drama teacher gave us a task. She gave us a “Christmas rap” to work with and asked us to do it for the Christmas concert. Now, being teenagers as well as drama students, we changed it to fit a song we already know with a short scene at the beginning. We recently figured out some actions to the song and practised so that it was perfect. Almost, at least.
Today, we have been in an all day rehearsal for the Christmas concert. Everybody else has been rehearsing and it sounds amazing. We get up to practise ours and see what it sounds like within the confines of the hall.
We begin the scene on the floor in front of the hall. No, that’s not good enough – the audience won’t see! So we begin it on the stage instead, then move down because we need the space in front of the stage. No, that’s not good enough – the audience won’t see!
In the end, we’re told to stand up on the stage for the entire performance of our drama piece.
Trouble with this is: there is no fucking room to do any of the fucking actions.
What are we supposed to do?! It’s supposed to be a piece of fucking drama! WE HAVE NO ROOM FOR THE DRAMA PART.
Now, it’s no longer a drama piece. It’s just another music piece. A quartet. I am thoroughly in refusal to join in with it if this is how it will go. I’ll go to the concert but my unenthusiasm will be evident.


PLEASE NOTE: I am in dire need of a fucking stress ball. Or at least a punch bag with that fucking woman’s fucking name on it. Or a dart board. Or something.