Ebz, my lovely best friend, is sixteen today! Officially, she has now graced the Earth with her prescense for sixteen whole years. Lucky Earth, she’s amazing! I wish her happiness on her birthday!
I wanted to post SOMETHING up to commemorate the event. Preferably, I’d like to write her a poem, but I wouldn’t know what to write. I will, however, edit a one or more of her photos later and post them on Facebook. And I will go and see her later.
I’m going to try and write her a poem. If it sucks, she can shoot me. If not, well that’s an awesome bonus. So. Here goes:

She’s graced the Earth for
sixteen years – sixteen years!
Sixteen joyous years. Is she not
a gift to all? Someone to be

She’s strong, powerful,
like the wind that blows
through her hair – or the
blood that flows through
her veins – a miracle at
birth and from then onwards!

A fire burns strong inside of her
heart – these are no embers to be
easily extinguished, to die out
before the wind picks up! These
are strong and powerful flames
that engulf all who near her –
warm and welcoming to a
friendly soul, yet dangerous and
destructive to an enemy so bold.