Anyone involved in the private beta of Starhawk can say that it is quite impressive, to say the least. Now I was never a hardcore Warhawk fan, but I can say Starhawk seems interesting. My parents, however, are thoroughly impressed.
The biggest new feature is the building. Building what? Bases. Outposts. Supply bunkers. Jetpack despenser. Automated turrets.
The automated turrets are great but it takes most of my gameplay away from me. All I really did on Warhawk was sit in the turrets and shoot planes and tanks, etc, and take over the zones while in a jeep. Those two things have been eradicated from gameplay and replaced with automated turrets and pod beacons. Oh no! Whatever will I do? Build and defend. That’s pretty much all I’m good for… So if you want to win, don’t have me on your team in a war game. I suck.
Alongside building is the destruction. You can now destroy the other team’s buildings and you can also reclaim your own team’s buildings. I watched my dad reclaim a ton of walls around his base just to put more walls in different places. I mean, it’s like leaving the house and coming back to find that your partner has rearranged the furniture and/or remodelled parts of the house. Here’s me wishing the destruction and building of walls was as simple and easy as it is in Starhawk. I’d redesign this house in minutes! It’d be like Sims… But I digress.
Starhawk is base-raping made easy, alright. You can go to the opposite team’s base and place a pod beacon there. It doesn’t matter if you die because having the pod beacon there means your team can spawn there and man-cake the lot of them! (Note: man-caking flattening them. Like a pancake. Only with a man. Man-cake.) When faced with a base-raping situation, you have to be on the right side (the base-raping side) and not the wrong side (the base-raped side). Or you have to be really experienced with this sort of stuff… Say, if you were a general (obsessive twat) in Warhawk like my dad.
My favourite part is the mechs. The mechs are pretty easy to use and, if you press circle, they change into a hawk (plane). It’s Transformers Starhawk style! Maybe that’s where the idea came from. Santa Monica Studios and Lightbox Interactive – I’m on to you.