Yes, you read that right. Bin bags.
The reason I’m talking about bin bags is because my darling mother came to me this morning and goes: “Here, smell this!” and so graciously shoved a lavender scented bin bag in my face. I mean, what the fuck?
Scented bin bags! What will they think of next? Oh, the innovation that went into that flawless design! Forget lavendar scented candles, lavendar scented bin bags are what you need! How. Romantic.
Honestly – just give me the candle back and take your bin bags!
On the other hand, I do see the obvious advantage to having scented bin bags. I suppose the scented bin bag is supposed to overpower the smell of the rubbish accumulated inside it. However, if you have to practically shove them in someone’s face for them to smell it, – and I wasn’t even really able to smell it – then they can’t be very effective.
Scented bin bag – not very effective. Smelly rubbish – super effective. Scented bin bag fainted. Smelly rubbish wins. Passer by blacked out.