As I spent the best part of ten minutes trying to untangle the wires by the side of my TV so that I could plug my Playstation 2 in, I was reminded of an interesting conversation I had yesterday with some people in a second hand shop. Aside from the “Whose school is better?” debate we had, we were discussing the pros and cons of a completely wireless system.
The first, obvious, advantage would be that there would be no wires to get tangled. It would be much, much easier to plug something in, assuming the wireless system still used plugs. On the other hand, it would be quite energy-consuming. Electricity consumption would increase dramatically; the price of electricity would also rise considerably due to the over-consumption.
Furthermore, it would be easier to lose a plug if it weren’t attached to anything; most people would lose their heads if they weren’t attached to their neck and, subsequently, the rest of their body. Based on the way my brother handles his things, a lot of people would lose plugs a lot faster and probably end up stepping on them. I suppose it might make some home videos one might find humourous, but that’s not my point.
On the other hand, things could potentially be a lot simpler. Unless, of course, you happen to be a technophobe. In that case, things would get a lot more confusing. Good luck with that.