Right now, I want a lolly. Like many things, I find comfort in them. I turn to lolly cravings quite often. My friend gave me a lolly today – it made me smile.
To some people, something like a lolly is considered a reward for something. I suppose the lolly I received from my friend was kind of a reward for being her friend.
My sister bribed me with a lolly, once. Though it could have been considered a reward for agreeing to what she wanted. Depends how you look at it.
This one time, I was given a lolly by a boyfriend. What could that have been a reward for? Or was it a consellation prize for the way he treated me? I don’t know and I no longer care anyway.
Speaking of rewards and not caring, I recently had some GCSE results back. I got an A* in my last Maths module, making it an A* overall, and an M2 (equivalent to an A) in ICT DiDA. My mock results weren’t as promising with a D in AS level English Language and Literature and a C in French. I’m also acheiving a C in Art and also in Drama and a B in Product Design. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring those grades up. It’ll take me a while, mind.