This morning, I opened the fridge to realise (once again) that we have none of my milk left.
My milk specifically because the rest of my family have oat milk. I, however, have semi-skimmed Lactofree milk because I can’t stand the taste of oat milk.
But I digress. I sit here in front of the grill (we don’t have a toaster), trying to make sure I don’t burn this toast. This is one of those times that I wish I bought my own milk because I’d always have some in that way.
In other news, I’m thinking of posting photography pictures (even though I’m amateur at best) on here. Maybe I’ll start a new blog. Eventually, I hope to move all my pictures to a blog so that it eradicates the need for a Facebook account. Then I’ll delete them all from my account. I don’t really like Facebook anyway…