It’s just a cold. I only have a cold. But, honestly, it’s made me feel like shit and rendered me incapable of attending: school on Friday; two different parties last night; and rehearsal today.
Here’s me betting most people were glad I didn’t turn up. Seems to me like they had fun without me – and I’m glad they did. No use my not being there hindering any sort of amazingness. My being there would hinder it though. Greatly.
Sometimes I wonder if people even notice my existence. The only person from school that texted me to tell me to get well soon (or texted/contacted me at all) was my stalker. And that was only because he wanted me to go to that party with him, but he seemed to have had a great time regardless.
I’m happy my friends or w/e had a great time and all but I still can’t help thinking that my immune system picked one of the worst times to fail me.
In other news, it looks like I’m baby sitting on Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t matter to me, really. Valentine’s Day is just another commercial event designed to take money from unsuspecting consumers. Valentine’s Day reminds me of Vincent Valentine, for an obvious reason.