I’m using this blog for the specific reason that I know whoever has gone tattling on me to my ex boyfriend can see it.

Correct me if I’m wrong but what I do with my life is none of anyone’s business but my own. Right now, I feel like I’m stuck in the middle of a fucking hurricaine that I caused.
The eye of the storm is calm, right? Yeah, it is. I don’t feel much right now. I feel a little empty. This is because there’s a lot going on inside of my head.
The thing is though I don’t want everyone to know everything – so don’t go fucking telling them. You want to know what I’ve been up to since Saturday the 7th? Email me, I’ll give you the fucking list.
If I wanted my ex boyfriend to know any of this, I’d post it on my other blog, where only he and another user can actually see it. But I don’t suppose it matters now because nobody has respect for my privacy or the fact that my ex boyfriend has a tendency to be driven to fucking suicide. I’m pretty sure he’s close to that point now and I’m damn well sure I pushed him there. Why do I feel like I wasted my time with him? Oh, right, because I wanted to make him happy and bring him away from his depression but I’ve just sent him right back there… It shouldn’t be him on the verge of suicide; it should be someone who actually deserves to die.