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It’s been a while since I had a dream that caused me to wake up at 5am, shaking. What sucks even more is that I don’t have anyone around to hold me until I stop shaking. And then lastly, I can’t even talk about the stupid dream because of the contents. It was just so bizarre and unreal though… But it seemed real.


I Had The Strangest Of Dreams…

Last night, I had the weirdest dream I’ve had in a long while. It doesn’t beat the marshmallow/pineapple thing, mind, but it was odd. This one wasn’t sugar-induced either…

I had a dream that I was running away from home. With my brother. And my stalker. My stalker handed me a small bag-like package and kissed my cheek. Naturally, I punched him in the face for kissing me but thanked him for the package.
He then stood a few metres back and told me to open the package by pulling the cord. So I did. The package folded itself out into… A small helicopter… I’m still not sure how. Anyway. My brother immediately took up the space of the driver’s seat, and I sat in the seat next to him. The weird fold away helicopter just had a joystick in it and these two seats… Shows how little I know about helicopters.
My brother drove (is that the right word?) us above the church and then realised we hadn’t taken any of our clothes or anything from home… So we went back… The helicopter hovered outside my bedroom window. Without a driver. We packed a few bags full of I’m not sure what… Then threw them into the back of the helicopter…
This time, I, uhm, drove. I managed to land by the church. Still not sure why the church. Anyway, stalker was there and came up to us. I’m not sure what he said because the dream had no sound – it was like I was deaf. He ushered us backwards and we fell in a pond or something that I’ve never seen before and something told me to close my eyes. So I did, naturally.
When I reopened my eyes, I watched myself dive into a lake and swim the length of it and back. It looked like I was trying to persuade a small group of people to swim with me. Somehow, something didn’t seem quite right about the way I was persuading them. But I never got to find out because I looked down to see my own hands but I was across the other side of the lake. Which confused me. And then I woke up…

The lake in my dream is pretty damn local. Like, in the park on my way to school kinda local. Is that significant?

Over the past two nights, I’ve had a damn good time. It’s been great – made me happy. I have Shaan-kun to thank for that. He’s such a great guy but he won’t admit to it. Ah well, eh? I’m sure I’ll convince him eventually.
Last night, however, I had… A bad dream. I dreamt that I’d died but I still walked as though I was living. People still spoke to me and I could still touch things and move them. It was hard to comprehend. There was a live recording of a song playing on the television in a strange house that I didn’t recognise. I recognised the singer though, unfortunately… I also attended my own funeral. Ha. I made highly sarcastic comments at every given opportunity. Sounds like me, right? So like me it’s unreal. My mother visited my grave a few weeks later. I went with her. It looked like she was the only one that visited.

I just woke up from an odd dream. I still seem to be sleepy. I’m not sure what the dream was about, though. I just remember my younger sister and I were running from a woman that I think was our mother. We switched between different dimensions in order to escape her grasp and closed the portals as we left them.
For a reason unknown to me, my brother, father and youngest sister were all somewhat neutral. Like Switzerland.
I’m not sure where we were running to but we apparently required some files from dad’s computer. But we couldn’t download them fast enough before mum came through the portal. Which is ever so realistic because my younger sister has ALWAYS been slow.
Anyway, the dream ended as I ran out the front door while buttoning up my shirt. I don’t even know why I took it off…
I stopped outside the front door to wait for Stacy, as I often do on a school morning, and looked back to see a glimps of my mother with fiery red hair and jet black eyes. She wore light blue jeans and a black shirt. Then I woke up.
This dream has very little significance to me but it was just wierd. I’m wondering what it all means…

Don’t Think, Feel

I had a bad dream last night. It made me question a lot of things… I won’t write too much about it because I don’t remember much about it and I don’t want to talk about it either… But I’ll be fine. No worries. It was only a dream…

I Had A Dream

It’s actually the first dream I’ve had in a few days… And I don’t know what to make of it. I’m not sure where I was in this dream though. Some sort of blue room… Kind of like a classroom… My Oppa was there on the right in front of me and there was a man to the left which I assumed was his father (though I really hope not). My Oppa came towards me, as if to kiss me but the way he reached out to me seemed odd… Almost like he was reaching past me instead… But he was looking at me. He was smiling in a strange way, too, though I’m not sure how to describe it. The man next to him laughed at me in a lecherous fashion while looking in his direction and then at me. My Oppa took a step towards me (or who or whatever was behind me) and then I woke up, kind of scared and most definitely confused. I always thought dreams meant something. What does this one mean?


I had a strange dream. It woke me up at roughly 4:30am (again!). It was about my R.E. exam, strangely enough. Me and a handful of my “friends” from school were sitting the paper in a classroom (for some unknown reason…) and they finished before I did. I got to the second section and then this woman with brown hair came in and told us we had half an hour left and then stood around for a bit. In, like, five minutes, she started talking to us and then put some boxes down on my paper (I wasn’t finished). When I asked her to move them, she smiled sickeningly sweetly at me and refused. Then we had an arguement and I stormed out and ended up late to some assembly or other and my dumb head of house listened to what I said about it but did nothing. So I went home. Then apparently I’d sent my head teacher a raunchy text with something about candles that wasn’t meant for him… It was a strange dream, indeed.