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Sleep Well?

I just woke up from an average night’s sleep. Not the worst night’s sleep or the best or even the longest that I’ve had in the past few days. My baby sister woke me up by climbing into the bed I’d fallen asleep in; she does a great starfish impression. She also: rolls over; punches the person closest to her (uh, me); insists said person hugs her, then refuses to be hugged; kicks said person; etc, etc. But, like I say, it wasn’t a bad night’s sleep.
I went to bed at about 10pm after falling asleep on MSN. It doesn’t matter that I fell asleep, however, because nobody seemed to want to talk to me. Thanks, guys.
I woke up at who knows what time when my sister climbed into bed with me and then didn’t get back to sleep for an hour or so. When I got back to sleep, I emerged from slumber at about 9am.
The two nights before, I got very little sleep; like, four hours each night or so. That may have been because I knew my darling Shaan-kun was sleeping below me and I didn’t really want to sleep through even a second of his visit; but I’ll talk about that in another post.


I went to sleep at something like 1am… I woke up at roughly 6:20am… I’ve been trying to get back to sleep ever since simply because I have nothing better to do, really, considering my phone is dying, it’s cold and I don’t normally get up in the holidays before, like, 11am. Bearing this in mind, I’m sure you can understand my frustration at not being able to get back to sleep. My eyes are fucking wide open and it’s pissing me off irritating me. I want to sleep… I wish I was a bear so I could go into hibernation, too… I’d sleep forever… Or at least until Winter ends…

As the title suggests, I have been scratching myself in my sleep. I see a correlation between the weird dreams I’ve been having and the sleep scratching. I scratched myself twice in a row, in the same places. Both after I had weird dreams in which I didn’t act like myself. I wonder if I scratch myself during the period of REM that brings these dreams to life, so to speak. It’s a possibility, I guess.

This morning I woke up at 2:30am exactly and then again at 4:30am two hours later. All I could think to myself was “WTF?!” I haven’t a clue why I’ve been waking up at stupid times. I just know that I don’t need it today. Today, I actually want to sleep. I want to get up at about 8am so mum can cut my hair before I leave the house. I’d like to tell my sleeping pattern that I have a fucking life. But it seems intent on ruining that.
I want to visit my sister today in her new house that she’s been living in for a month or two only I haven’t seen it. It’s still new to me?
I’m also debating whether or not to go to the shop and pick up some things. The dilemma here is that I want to save what little money I have but I also need energy drink. If anyone can think of a solution, kindly let me know.
So… I’m gonna try and get back to sleep. If I haven’t slept by 8am, fuck it. I’ll get some fucking energy drink and hope I don’t fall asleep during the day.

P.S. I have an urge to stand outside in the freezing coldness of the morning and scream at something for an answer as to why my sleeping pattern fucking sucks. The telephone pole thinks something is waking me up. The lamp post hasn’t stopped laughing. Fml. Visiting hours start at 3pm. Don’t be late or they might not let you in.

Pancakes Don’t Eat Themselves

I keep waking up at roughly this time. And when I say “waking up” I mean being awake enough to blog. Not the pathetic half waking that normally happens to me that I barely even remember. Knowing me, I’ll go back to sleep and wake up at noon again…


I woke up this morning with the blanket wrapped around my neck, much like a noose. How odd.

Fetal Position

I woke up this morning in the fetal position… But I was smiling. I’d tossed and turned in the night so I knocked my pillow and phone off of my bed… I didn’t sleep too badly either… Though I seem to be waking up in that position quite a lot lately. I wonder what it means? If it means anything at all.


I’ve been awake for the past… Probably about two hours or so… And I want to get up at seven. It’s now around four. Just great. Fuck. My. Life. This is one of those times that I wish I had sleeping pills.


I didn’t wake up last night – at least I don’t remember if I did. But I did wake up in an odd position. I went to sleep on my right side, holding some teddies, but I woke up on my left side with no teddies. I was almost in the foetal position and some blankets were blocking my nose and mouth, making it hard to breathe. To make matters even more confusing, I woke up no longer wearing the left shoulder of the T-shirt I was wearing. The material of the T-shirt had bunched up above my shoulder with my head resting on it. I really do wonder how I get into these strange sleeping positions.

As If It Wasn’t Bad Enough

As of late, I constantly seem to have bags under my eyes. I haven’t a clue why. I don’t remember waking up in the night or anything and I go to sleep at a reasonable enough time.

I say this but I found myself waking up last night. Multiple times. I woke up at twelve past every hour from 3:12am to 8:12am and then I didn’t get back to sleep. I found it very strange. Anybody able to offer any sort of insight?