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Sean Carnall Photography

The modelling photo I used for my competition.

At this web address:


I revisited this blog to… Well, basically to advertise myself.

I have some links I want you guys to check out.

The first is my Facebook page.

The second, a competition I’m currently entered in. Link is here. I’d appreciate it if you’d all vote for me and share it around so I get more votes because I’d really like to at least be in the top five!

The third, my profile on Assets Casting Agency.

So, yeah, share these links around, guys. Thanks a lot. Much love.

My sister seductively told a game to get back in its box so she could play a different game. That’s like seductively telling your lover to get their clothes back on because you’re going to someone else’s house instead.
In other news, I don’t want to use this blog anymore. Instead, I’ll be seperating the different aspects of my blogging (personal, video games, poems, photography, etc) into seperate blogs. Some of these blogs will be private. For more information (and the URLs of the blogs when I make them) email me at and tell me which aspect(s) you’re interested in.

As I spent the best part of ten minutes trying to untangle the wires by the side of my TV so that I could plug my Playstation 2 in, I was reminded of an interesting conversation I had yesterday with some people in a second hand shop. Aside from the “Whose school is better?” debate we had, we were discussing the pros and cons of a completely wireless system.
The first, obvious, advantage would be that there would be no wires to get tangled. It would be much, much easier to plug something in, assuming the wireless system still used plugs. On the other hand, it would be quite energy-consuming. Electricity consumption would increase dramatically; the price of electricity would also rise considerably due to the over-consumption.
Furthermore, it would be easier to lose a plug if it weren’t attached to anything; most people would lose their heads if they weren’t attached to their neck and, subsequently, the rest of their body. Based on the way my brother handles his things, a lot of people would lose plugs a lot faster and probably end up stepping on them. I suppose it might make some home videos one might find humourous, but that’s not my point.
On the other hand, things could potentially be a lot simpler. Unless, of course, you happen to be a technophobe. In that case, things would get a lot more confusing. Good luck with that.

I have a song I wrote stuck in my head. The problem with that is: I only wrote a few lines and they are circling around and around my head continuously. I figure I really need to write the rest of that song, along with others that I haven’t finished yet. Maybe, by the end of year, I’ll have written three or four more songs and the majority still won’t have a melody.
On another note, I think I have a pretty high emotional debt towards myself. I owe myself either a large tub of ice cream or the grounds to fucking murder someone. Haha.


Seeing as though I have, somehow, regained my… What shall we call it? Uhm… Passion… Or something… For writing poetry, I’m considering hosting a seperate blog for the poems I’ve written. That way, the people that just want to read my poetry wouldn’t have to sift through all the posts about me rambling on about my life and stuff to find the poems… I’ll get around to it at some point, I guess. We’ll see.

Until this day, I had never eaten an actual raspberry. I’d eaten raspberry yoghurts but not raspberries themselves. I had a raspberry earlier and I did not stop eating them until I realised the box had become empty. I love raspberries. They are amazing works of fruit. If that makes sense. Even if it doesn’t, it still counts. Right?
Earlier today, while I was happily eating my new found favourite berry, I discovered strawberries aren’t actually berries was discussing random things about school and GCSEs with the friend whose house it is I am sojourning in. She was worried she may not get the science GCSEs required to work in the medical proffession. Eventually the conversation progressed to the availability of jobs and whether or not it’s even worth obtaining these mediocre qualifications for all they are worth. We came to the conclusion that it probably isn’t. Go figure, man.


I think WordPress needs a function where you can just post pictures without having to make a new blog entry… I’d definitely post more pictures that way. Ah well, eh?


It’s an ex boyfriend of mine’s birthday today. MSN and Facebook told me. It pissed me off because I didn’t want to remember that but I already knew before it told me. I mean, after crushing on him for eight years before he so harshly broke my heart two hours befire my birthday, I think I’d remember his birthday. Especially seeing as though it’s two days before my birthday. I didn’t want to think about this let alone blog about it but it’s just occupied my mind conflicting with other things all day. I guess it’s because I never got any closure when he dumped me. There wasn’t much explanation. He just claimed he wasn’t ready for anything so serious… But he was dating another girl a week after. Go figure.

Just needed to get that off my chest. Don’t think much of it, okay?