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My baby sister is four today! She’s come to the realisation that, on her birthday, she can get away with pretty much anything. She has been bossy all day – she’s loving it. Her favourite presents, evidently, are the “Zhu Zhu Pets” and the wooden kitchen thingy. Though she won’t cook the little hamster things in the oven of the kitchen thingy so she’s not mixing the two presents together. One of her presents scared her. She hid in my jacket. She’s been playing with it now though so it’s all good.


It’s my younger sister’s birthday and also the last day of school. My sister is annoying most of the time and moody. But I love her. When she’s not moody or annoying, she’s fun to talk to – not that many people give her a chance, naming no names.

Anyway, I decided to write her a poem. I’m not sure why though but whatever, man. So here it is:

I lived a year, before
you awoke. A year and,
oh, how many months?
Two. Yes, two. I was
fourteen months
old. Fourteen months
and five days. You
screamed as you left
the comfort of mommy’s
womb – I was in there
once, you know. I
didn’t want to leave

Look at you, growing up!
We grew and fought
loved and taught
We learned, too.
Teaming up against
our sibling, and then
siblings, we were
unstoppable! Or so
I like to think.

And now. Look at you now.
Fifteen – I thought the
day would never come!
You still seem so young,
cute, naive. Next year,
sixteen. But you’re still
a child! My baby sis.

So with it being dad’s birthday, we had cake. Chocolate cake. Eating chocolate cake made me crave more cake… And ice cream? Why am I craving cake and ice cream? I really don’t see why I should be…
My friend theorised that people who crave chocolate cake are either pregnant or depressed. I know for sure that I’m not pregnant. But I don’t think I’m depressed either… Granted, I’m not at the most elevated I could be, considering all things, but I don’t think I’m depressed either. Just a little headachey and ill.
I know it’s 7pm on a Saturday, but I decided that the place I should be right now is bed… I’ll stay on MSN until I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep. Besides, maybe some rest will make me feel better… Or maybe not. Who knows? We’ll see.

Sweet Sixteen

It was my sixteenth birthday yesterday. It was a great birthday. No fancy party or anything – just family, cake and presents (the present that stood out was my new moogle plushie – I love it!). My birthday this year was almost as sweet as the slice of birthday cake I had earlier. The cake was quite sickly sweet, if I’m honest… I didn’t eat it yesterday because I was too full up on mushroom pizza… Yeah, I know, junk food is bad… But it’s okay once in a while, right?
I spent most of the night yesterday on Skype while sorting out my phone so I could put my new 16GB memory card into it. I was wearing a kawaii bright green frog hat (it’s my friend’s, not mine) and cuddling my moogle (I named him Kupo) while on webcam to Shaan-kun (he kept telling me how “adorable” I looked… I’m not cute…). All in all, a good night to end a good day.
I don’t feel much different being sixteen. Now I’m legally allowed to have sex, haha. Apparently now I’m classed as a young adult? Though it depends on your level of maturity as to if people will think of you as an adult or not. I’m quite mature, if I do say so myself.

So, my little brother turned thirteen today. Yay! He got a whole lot of Lego and a Nerf gun for his birthday. The cake was a Crunchie cake. It was so tasty… He seems happy with how today went. I’m glad. I helped him a little with his Lego but then he was like “It’s okay, Lesley, I got this. Go play Final Fantasy.” So I did. Not that I like getting bossed around by my siblings but I can tell when I’m not needed… Besides, I DID wanna play Final Fantasy…