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My sister seductively told a game to get back in its box so she could play a different game. That’s like seductively telling your lover to get their clothes back on because you’re going to someone else’s house instead.
In other news, I don’t want to use this blog anymore. Instead, I’ll be seperating the different aspects of my blogging (personal, video games, poems, photography, etc) into seperate blogs. Some of these blogs will be private. For more information (and the URLs of the blogs when I make them) email me at theunattainableblackrose@gmail.com and tell me which aspect(s) you’re interested in.


Penny For Your Thought?

I’ve been getting really lazy with blogging. I keep meaning to blog about stuff while I’m out but then, when I get home, I collapse in a heap and am virtually dead to the world. I’m not dead to the virtual world, however, because I spend most of that time on MSN or replying to Facebook messages. Or Facebook pokes. The pokes are starting to bug me. No matter, I’ll just ignore them.
Right now, I should be sleeping… So I guess I’ll try and get back to that…

Seeing as though I have, somehow, regained my… What shall we call it? Uhm… Passion… Or something… For writing poetry, I’m considering hosting a seperate blog for the poems I’ve written. That way, the people that just want to read my poetry wouldn’t have to sift through all the posts about me rambling on about my life and stuff to find the poems… I’ll get around to it at some point, I guess. We’ll see.

Good Morning, World… Now Leave Me Alone

As you can see, I didn’t wake up in the best of moods today. I set an alarm on my DS to wake me up at 6am… I woke up at 6am, turned my DS off and contemplated getting up. I fell asleep. Then I woke up at 7:36am… So, with 24 minutes to get up and get ready… I got up… In a bad mood… I hate waking up late.
Despite the bad mood and 24 minutes to get up and get ready, I managed to get out of the house… Almost… On time. Though I found that my milk had been used up last night and nobody told me and my phone hadn’t been put on charge at all last night. Great. I have no hopes of listening to music in school today. I have to listen to people instead. Fuck my life.
So after all this, I began walking to school. I engaged in my usual routine of checking blogs, email and Facebook…
Facebook has been rather depressing for me lately because it only reinforces the notion that people don’t seem to tell me anything anymore. So do some blogs I read. It stands to reason that email couldn’t do that but it pisses me off because it seems that only half my emails get through.
I have normal lessons today, as opposed to the five hour art mock exam yesterday and the five hour drama mock exam tomorrow. It’s Children In Need day tomorrow. Non-uniform, too.
Yesterday also happened to be mum’s birthday. She was smiling a lot. It was great to see her like that. Grandad turned up too. He turned up just in time for cake (cakey senses?). The cake just happened to be an Aero Bubbles cake. And I just happen to have a fondness for Aero. Mix it with wine, and I’m set for the night. No, I’m not an alcoholic.
Luckily, it looks like I won’t be late for school.

The battle between freedom of speech and censorship is evident… Everywhere. Not just in the media. From within people’s private conversations to live on international television. But why?
Society is, by far, dishonest. I’m no better, I guess. Though I always try my best to be as honest as possible. Whether or not you agree with me, I don’t like lying to people. Everybody that counts knows that. Well, everybody that counts and the readers of my blog. Whether or not they are the same people is a different matter.
From the creation of my blog to the present, I have been ruled by censorship. I haven’t posted certain things so that certain people won’t get upset. Doesn’t mean I’m lying. It just means that I’m not saying some things.
I’d like to know who actually reads my blog so I know how restricted I am in what I say. I mean, if somebody at school who I don’t trust reads it, I don’t want to post all my secrets up here, y’know?
Having said that, I need ice cream. But I digress…


I think WordPress needs a function where you can just post pictures without having to make a new blog entry… I’d definitely post more pictures that way. Ah well, eh?

To Publish Or Not To Publish?

I seem to have found unpublished blog entries in my drafts. They seem to be from around March and April of this year. A poem; a normal, everyday entry; and another entry. I can’t say I know what to do with them. Will they stay in my drafts forever? Will I publish them? Will I publish one or two of them? Will I delete any of them?

I think I may delete the everyday post. It doesn’t apply anymore as it was only about the day that I wrote it on.

The poem is very hateful. Addressed to a certain person on a certain date. He may never see it. I think I was just blowing off steam, like with the song. Though I showed him the song. He found out I wrote it about him and had a few choice words to say about it.

The other entry is personal. It doesn’t apply as strongly as it did back then. It was a rather bleak time for me. I think it was around March/April. Heh.

I just wonder if anybody wants to see those posts. They may be slightly offensive and aggressive… Still interested? No? Didn’t think so. Nobody ever is.


While I’m at it, I may as well ramble on some more. That’s all I have the motivation to do right now. Rather than picking up a pencil and making a start on my art homework, I blog because things just keep entering my mind that I’d rather get out in the open for people to hear about. Only problem being, barely anyone reads my blog. I know of two people who are avid readers of my blog and that’s because either I told them about it or they found me via my old blog which was on MSN Spaces. I prefer WordPress a lot more, mostly because there’s an app for it, but that’s off topic.

Right now, I have little motivation to do anything worthwhile. After all, just the other night while I was talking to my ex boyfriend’s best friend (I no longer consider the guy a friend because of how spiteful he was towards me, which made me spiteful towards him, no matter how much I don’t blame him for it), I had decided that there wasn’t much worth living for in my life except for this one guy, whom I adore, and the fact that my mother’s heart would be broken if I were to take my own life. Normally, I tend to follow orders, especially when they’re repeated by one person or more, but this is just one order I cannot carry out.

My lack of motivation stems from an almost emptiness I was filled with that night, much like depression. It seems to have consumed me and it’s downright pissing me off. Really, it’s my own fault. I never did like big break ups.

Sooner or later, I’m going to drain my motivation silo using the tap at the bottom and use up what little drops are left at the bottom to do some of this homework I have piled up. Wish me luck?