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258 – “Friends” = 10

I’ve deleted the majority of people from my contacts list on MSN. If I’ve deleted you and you’re REALLY that bothered about it, re-add me. If you give me a good reason and I can trust you, I’ll accept your request. If not, well you weren’t really a good friend anyway. Those of you who are in the ten that remain on my contacts list: congrats. It may not mean much but you’re the only people I enjoy talking to.


So this morning, I was listening to the songs on my phone during art. It helps me concentrate. Unfortunately, it meant that I couldn’t skip the tracks because my hands were covered in glue. I was in quite an optimistic mood this morning because I was making good progress with my art. Unfortunately, however, a song that I thought I was rid of just happened to make an appearance. Now this was the song I thought I’d completely lost because of the corruption of my memory stick yesterday. But, somehow, it found its way back onto my phone. I would delete the song but it’s not that simple. Mentally, I am incapable of removing it. Ah well, eh? I’ll survive. I always do.