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My Mind Is Blank

Currently, when it comes to English essays, I seem to have writers’ block, which sucks because I really need to finish this essay. How am I supposed to ramble about the style of this Frankenstein extract with no mind material to conjure the words to explain and describe it? I really do not know.


More Essays?

I’ve come to wonder how one English teacher can ask for so many essays. It’s taxing my brain heavily to write anything, let alone anything decent. If I can’t write the best that I’m capable of, I just can’t write at all. That’s how I work… If I can, I will; if I can’t, I won’t. Simple, right? After all, there’s only so much I can say about the melancholy¬†Gothic literature of¬†Frankenstein. How do I comment on the style when all Frankenstein does in the extract is drone on about mountains and the sublimity of nature? Maaaann… My brain hurts.


I woke up too early this morning. I slept better last night though… Still not exactly amazingly or anything because of this stupid heat… I’m fine now though. Only problem being that I have to face my English teacher later. He took the books in to mark last lesson… And I hadn’t done the essay he set for homework… I tried, I honestly did try. But my mind was too preoccupied to think so anything I wrote wouldn’t have made sense. Ah well?