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Right now, I want a lolly. Like many things, I find comfort in them. I turn to lolly cravings quite often. My friend gave me a lolly today – it made me smile.
To some people, something like a lolly is considered a reward for something. I suppose the lolly I received from my friend was kind of a reward for being her friend.
My sister bribed me with a lolly, once. Though it could have been considered a reward for agreeing to what she wanted. Depends how you look at it.
This one time, I was given a lolly by a boyfriend. What could that have been a reward for? Or was it a consellation prize for the way he treated me? I don’t know and I no longer care anyway.
Speaking of rewards and not caring, I recently had some GCSE results back. I got an A* in my last Maths module, making it an A* overall, and an M2 (equivalent to an A) in ICT DiDA. My mock results weren’t as promising with a D in AS level English Language and Literature and a C in French. I’m also acheiving a C in Art and also in Drama and a B in Product Design. Hopefully, I’ll be able to bring those grades up. It’ll take me a while, mind.


I got a letter in the post today. I’ve discovered that I have six exams in January. All Science exams. One Biology, two Chemistry, and three Physics. Fuck. My. Life.
Now, if I was a good, hard working student, I would begin revising immediately. The chance of that is fatter than a guy who eats cake everyday for every meal. Or just all day without stopping. All the time. I am not a good student. I will not revise. So I highly doubt I wi obtain the twenty-three marks I need in my Physics exams to obtain an A*. I also doubt I’ll be able to get a decent grade in my Chemistry Unit 3 and get my Chemistry Unit 2 grade from a C to a B or A. I might just get an A in my Biology Unit 3. I normally get A’s in Bio because it’s my best Science subject. Chemistry is, obviously, my worst. Physics is the middle grounds.
My Physics teacher (who also happens to be the fucking deputy head) decided that, even though my average overall is an A (an A in Unit 1, B in Unit 2, A in Unit 3) and my target grade for Science is also an A, I’m perfectly capable of getting an A*. But to do this, I have to resit all three fucking units. Wtf? Which makes little to no fucking sense. The thing is: I was perfectly happy with an A. But there’s no harm in resitting them, I guess… Unless it gets in the way of things. It better not.

This Is Just The Beginning

The first week (I say week but it was only three days long) of school this year weren’t bad. I guess. I received a multitude of GCSE exam results from a number of subjects. I guess I didn’t do too bad. The worst was Chemistry unit 2. I got a C. I’m considering a resit. In RE, I got a B and an A*. That wasn’t too bad. In Physics I got an A, which completes all three Physics units. But I have to resit them all because my overall grade is only 24 marks away from an A*… Great. At least it gives me something to do in those lessons. In Biology unit 2, I got an A. The best result I got was an A* in English Literature, which I am quite happy with because I wouldn’t have had a chance to resit it, considering that was the last English Literature exam the exam board will ever do. So, all in all, I’m happy with my results. Even so, I’ve decided to try harder this year because I slacked off considerably last year…