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Yes, I’m despairing. It’s raining underneath my protective umbrella.
After catching this fucking cold, I’ve had one and a half days off of school; missed two parties; missed two rehearsal (one of which was trés important); sat three exams that I’ve probably failed; and had the desire to sleep for an elongated period of time. I’ve also been forced to quit the school play parce que je ne serai pas prêt pour cela and I’ll probably be ill on the night(s).
So. All those hours of preperation for the school play will have been pour rien and, frankly, a waste. I have this week and next week to finish my Product Design coursework; I probably won’t be in school for the majority of this week. I’ve probably missed the introduction to the AS English Language and Literature coursework. I’ve missed two hours of art and probably will miss more so I’ll be even more behind. I’ll likely fail my French exam and coursework. And I’ll be in a terribly pessimiste mood for une longue période now.
I feel sorry for you lot having to deal with me. Though “you lot” probably refers to a maximum of five people, if that, who I actually talk about my problems with. Thinking about it, it’s probably just the one person because I don’t feel like I can talk to people about my problems anymore; et c’est surtout de leur faute.


Until this day, I had never eaten an actual raspberry. I’d eaten raspberry yoghurts but not raspberries themselves. I had a raspberry earlier and I did not stop eating them until I realised the box had become empty. I love raspberries. They are amazing works of fruit. If that makes sense. Even if it doesn’t, it still counts. Right?
Earlier today, while I was happily eating my new found favourite berry, I discovered strawberries aren’t actually berries was discussing random things about school and GCSEs with the friend whose house it is I am sojourning in. She was worried she may not get the science GCSEs required to work in the medical proffession. Eventually the conversation progressed to the availability of jobs and whether or not it’s even worth obtaining these mediocre qualifications for all they are worth. We came to the conclusion that it probably isn’t. Go figure, man.