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Yes, I’m despairing. It’s raining underneath my protective umbrella.
After catching this fucking cold, I’ve had one and a half days off of school; missed two parties; missed two rehearsal (one of which was trés important); sat three exams that I’ve probably failed; and had the desire to sleep for an elongated period of time. I’ve also been forced to quit the school play parce que je ne serai pas prêt pour cela and I’ll probably be ill on the night(s).
So. All those hours of preperation for the school play will have been pour rien and, frankly, a waste. I have this week and next week to finish my Product Design coursework; I probably won’t be in school for the majority of this week. I’ve probably missed the introduction to the AS English Language and Literature coursework. I’ve missed two hours of art and probably will miss more so I’ll be even more behind. I’ll likely fail my French exam and coursework. And I’ll be in a terribly pessimiste mood for une longue période now.
I feel sorry for you lot having to deal with me. Though “you lot” probably refers to a maximum of five people, if that, who I actually talk about my problems with. Thinking about it, it’s probably just the one person because I don’t feel like I can talk to people about my problems anymore; et c’est surtout de leur faute.


Oh I Concur

It’s just a cold. I only have a cold. But, honestly, it’s made me feel like shit and rendered me incapable of attending: school on Friday; two different parties last night; and rehearsal today.
Here’s me betting most people were glad I didn’t turn up. Seems to me like they had fun without me – and I’m glad they did. No use my not being there hindering any sort of amazingness. My being there would hinder it though. Greatly.
Sometimes I wonder if people even notice my existence. The only person from school that texted me to tell me to get well soon (or texted/contacted me at all) was my stalker. And that was only because he wanted me to go to that party with him, but he seemed to have had a great time regardless.
I’m happy my friends or w/e had a great time and all but I still can’t help thinking that my immune system picked one of the worst times to fail me.
In other news, it looks like I’m baby sitting on Valentine’s Day. Doesn’t matter to me, really. Valentine’s Day is just another commercial event designed to take money from unsuspecting consumers. Valentine’s Day reminds me of Vincent Valentine, for an obvious reason.

I think anyone could agree that being ill sucks. Ill, sick, poorly, whatever you wanna call it. It just sucks. So lying here in bed with a headache like a hangover and a cough that rips through my chest isn’t exactly great.
Thing is, I have a Maths exam tomorrow. I may not be able to concentrate properly for it. I don’t even think I’ll be well enough to go into school. My focus and concentration has greatly diminished with the increase of the immensity of the illness. But I’ll survive. Always do.
My dear old mother took me to the doctors yesterday to get some antibiotics. I was prescribed amoxicillin, which is a type of penecillin. I mean, from Biology lessons, I know how the stuff is made and all and it doesn’t phase me. But I don’t want to take these tablets capsules. Capsules. I hate that word. Don’t ask why – I’m not even sure myself. They’re double coloured. Red and yellow. Some beetles or catapillers or something are coloured red and yellow to show they are POISONOUS. Poisonous! Can you imagine the chemicals that went into colouring those capsules? AND writing “AMOX 250” on them in tiny little black letters? That seriously can’t agree with your internal well being, can it? I don’t know. Either way, it’s making me quite paranoid. But I promised I’d take the medication…
We all know what lemsip is, right? Lemony flavoured drink that’s supposed to help with the flu and coughs and stuff like that. It also contains paracetemol. I don’t really like it. I don’t know if it’s because the lemon flavour is too strong or bitter or what. I just don’t like it. It doesn’t help that I’m currently in refusal to take any form of painkillers.
Never mind. I’ll take the medication and drink the lemsip. I’ll get better. No worries, right?

I’m currently in refusal to take any form of painkillers so the headache I am having to endure is overwhelming. I almost gave in to my inner most desires and hunted down the mass of (mostly) painkillers within a handbag that I own. I know exactly where it is but I don’t want to take painkillers.
So to combat this massive headache, I’m going to go to sleep. Partly because of the headache, partly because I have nothing better to do right now. Well, I do but I’m not up to it. If you need me, don’t hesitate to text me. If you don’t have my number or lack credit, email me and I’ll get back to you.

So with it being dad’s birthday, we had cake. Chocolate cake. Eating chocolate cake made me crave more cake… And ice cream? Why am I craving cake and ice cream? I really don’t see why I should be…
My friend theorised that people who crave chocolate cake are either pregnant or depressed. I know for sure that I’m not pregnant. But I don’t think I’m depressed either… Granted, I’m not at the most elevated I could be, considering all things, but I don’t think I’m depressed either. Just a little headachey and ill.
I know it’s 7pm on a Saturday, but I decided that the place I should be right now is bed… I’ll stay on MSN until I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep. Besides, maybe some rest will make me feel better… Or maybe not. Who knows? We’ll see.