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I went to sleep at something like 1am… I woke up at roughly 6:20am… I’ve been trying to get back to sleep ever since simply because I have nothing better to do, really, considering my phone is dying, it’s cold and I don’t normally get up in the holidays before, like, 11am. Bearing this in mind, I’m sure you can understand my frustration at not being able to get back to sleep. My eyes are fucking wide open and it’s pissing me off irritating me. I want to sleep… I wish I was a bear so I could go into hibernation, too… I’d sleep forever… Or at least until Winter ends…

So I couldn’t get to sleep. Seems to be a pattern lately. Instead of continuing the weary attempts, I decided to get up. I’m thinking a warm bath could help. We’ll see, eh?

There’s A Time For Grace

After an hour or so of lying awake, waiting for sleep, I came to realise how dehydrated I was… And that I felt quite sick… I’m not sure why I felt sick though… Maybe it’ll always be a mystery, who knows? I’m not entirely sure a quick trip to the bathroom for a drink (hoping the water from the cold tap is clean enough to drink) required as much grace as I employed. I travelled across the landing and back much like a ballet dancer… I guess it helped me to be quiet. Quietly refined. I feel much better now. Odd, huh?


I’ve been awake for the past… Probably about two hours or so… And I want to get up at seven. It’s now around four. Just great. Fuck. My. Life. This is one of those times that I wish I had sleeping pills.