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Bye Bye Nodnol


So we’re heading back home. We’ve seen two shows – We Will Rock You and Billy Elliot. Both of which were freaking amazing. I love theatre shows.

Last night I developed insomnia. In a hotel. When I had to get up in five hours. I eventually got some sleep though so it’s all good. I had a great shower and breakfast was amazing too. That hotel did amazing food. I think it was called the Ramada hotel. It was near Heathrow.

The boat ride down the Thames was great – I got some good pictures. We also went on the London Eye. And I’m scared of heights. Got some great photos then too.



So. We’re on the way to London. Better known on Red Dwarf as Nodnol (London reminds me of Red Dwarf…). I’ve never been to London. I’ve already ran out of Pocky. This will be a long trip. At least my phone is charged. We’re gonna go to Covent Gardens first and then we’ll see We Will Rock You in the theatre later. I like going to the theatre. This should be good. More updates later. Maybe.


My work placement for work experience got cancelled. His excuse was they didn’t have any toilet facilities for girls. He couldn’t have told me that when I gave him the forms to fill in? So I had to run round during tutorial this morning to find a placement within school. I found one. So now I’m with my drama teacher for two weeks starting Monday. But at least it means I get to go to London! I’m actually excited about that ’cause I’ve never been before… I need some money…