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I’ve been thinking quite a lot about the “episode” I had yesterday. I spaced out for quite a while (I think) with my phone in my hand and then woke up on the floor. When I’d spaced out, I was standing by the door. I woke up a few steps away in front of the TV.
Personally, in a spaced out state, I don’t think I could have unlocked my phone, let alone sent so many texts, but that’s what the evidence points to.
I’m still not sure exactly what caused me to space out (Shaan-kun said it could have been stress… Seems like the only logical angle at this point).
I hope I can eventually sort this mess out.
Luckily, the two people who were texted during my episode understood that I was not in my right mind. Seems they attempted to extract information from her. I haven’t thanked them for it. I’d like to know as much about her as possible… Maybe that way I can understand her better and try and rid myself of her. I can’t help but wonder where she’d go… It’d be cruel to rid myself of her if she had nowhere else to go…


Subspace Mentality

My brain at the moment is working at the rate of a very profound subspace highway, as usual. Right now, that same subspace highway is experiencing a fucking traffic jam. Not the best of things to happen.

So here I am, honking my horn in the middle of this traffic jam and shouting profanities at the other ‘drivers’ in front of me. Those drivers turn around and tell me to wait my fucking turn because there are more important thoughts to be considered at this particular moment in time. This is all well and good as I have no problem with pondering upon ethical and moral issues but I have to do my fucking homework!

I guess I need to find a way to trick motivate my brain so that it will speed up this traffic jam and allow me to wittingly critisize the style of this overly melancholy extract from the world-renowned work of Gothic literature: Frankenstein. Alas, this isn’t working. I could spew profanities about this all day/night/whatever but I just don’t have the time nor the anger management to restrict myself to mere profanities. I’m becoming increasingly violent. I fear for my laptop.

However, the voice of logic and reason (and all things that make sense) tells me to get on with the essay before the pain in my wrist increases in severity and prevents me from continuing any further. Besides, violently attacking the laptop at my finger tips will not help anything.

Paper Round? No…

I thought about it today… For most of the day, actually… And I came to the conclusion that I feel absolutely terrible by the time I get home from school and I’d feel worse after a paper round. So sadly, I don’t have the mental capability for a paper round. Ah well… It’s probably my own fault, too.