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This morning, I attempted to send an email (from my Hotmail account) with an attachment. However, Microsoft is a bitch useless company that spends too much time trying to make money and not enough time trying to improve the website, etc.
The mobile website wouldn’t let me attach a file and the PC site wouldn’t load properly/at all. Fuck you, Microsoft.


So with it being dad’s birthday, we had cake. Chocolate cake. Eating chocolate cake made me crave more cake… And ice cream? Why am I craving cake and ice cream? I really don’t see why I should be…
My friend theorised that people who crave chocolate cake are either pregnant or depressed. I know for sure that I’m not pregnant. But I don’t think I’m depressed either… Granted, I’m not at the most elevated I could be, considering all things, but I don’t think I’m depressed either. Just a little headachey and ill.
I know it’s 7pm on a Saturday, but I decided that the place I should be right now is bed… I’ll stay on MSN until I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep. Besides, maybe some rest will make me feel better… Or maybe not. Who knows? We’ll see.

Stress & Skype

I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m aquiring more spots from stress… And it’s pissing me off… I uploaded some photos to Facebook, which I might remove, that show evidence of it, too. If it’s showing up on those pictures, it must be getting really bad! Even so, my relative in Australia commented on the album I uploaded the photos to and said I’m really good with my photography and stuff so they must have been good pictures, photography-wise. The usual “Likes” from Oppa don’t tell me much really. Just that he still bombards me with notifications when I upload photos.

Skype is fun to use, is it not? And it’s the only app on any of the laptops that can use webcam as well as text, seeing as though I don’t actually have the MSN app. I do like it. Though I’d not used my Skype account for over a year, i.e. since before I knew Oppa. I forgot it existed so it’s a good thing the password was easy for me to guess (though what does that say about the security of the password? Ahah).

I don’t even remember when I actually opened the account… But if I never use an account, why would I tell people about it? The only reason I used my account last night was because I was already on the laptop that uses Skype and I thought I may as well log in.

I had a nice conversation on Skype, it cheered me up, but after that it just caused problems for me. Who knew a program on a computer could cause such a fuss? It’s all I can do not to spout profanities and violently attack something. Maybe I need anger management?

I know I wasn’t in the best of moods yesterday and that wasn’t really anybody’s fault. I was in that mood for most of the day for reasons quite unknown to me. I told one person of my dream and he cleared it up for me, for which I’m very grateful. I thought that would cheer me up but I was still stuck in that mood up until the point that my sister’s crush’s brother made me laugh so hard I nearly cried because he insulted me a number of times and then asked me for my number. Like I’d give it to him?

Despite appearances, I still wasn’t happy when Oppa visited. I didn’t really care much that he visited because he didn’t visit to see me and I’d rather have been doing better things. Maybe I shouldn’t blog when somebody has pissed me off. Ever. So. Slightly.

Yes, Oppa, I still haven’t stopped faking smiles for you. Appreciate that I care enough to do that. I think that’s worth more than a poxy Skype account. Honestly, you’re overreacting. It’s not like I told you I didn’t have MSN or I didn’t have Facebook or I didn’t have a phone. Those are the things I use most, except for this blog. You even have this blog in your favourites! I thought we were gonna forget about the past and put it all behind us? So if you’re going to shout at me for things I have or haven’t done in the past, you can stop calling me Lexy, that’s for sure.


I’m actually amazed. Since half term ended and we went back to school, I’ve been sleeping in by about 40 minutes… Still getting to school on time, mind, but the lie in leaves no time for breakfast or anything… But today an alarm actually woke me up. It wasn’t mine but it was still an alarm and it woke me up at about 6:45am… Just under an hour earlier than I have been waking up… What made this happen? I’m not entirely sure. Maybe it has something to do with me falling asleep on MSN last night… Either way, I woke up early. On a Friday.

My Own Little World

I spend my time on MSN, Facebook and WordPress and generally just online or engaging in some other activity that doesn’t involve physically interacting with other people. Why? Because it’s the easier to deal with reality. It could be argued that it’s not reality. Everything on the internet can be faked. But then again, everything in reality can be faked… I’m constantly absorbed in my own little world asking myself the same question: what is actually real? I have yet to find an answer to this daunting question. After fifteen years of living, my home life still continues to convince me that there’s really nothing to live for while my online and social lives both try to convince me otherwise. The only things keeping me here are the people I hold dearly and fear of finding out the truth about life… I wonder… Would anyone be truly sad when I’m gone? Or would they just think they missed me? Is the reality I’m forced to dwell in just a pack of lies thrown across the table like playing cards? There’s only one way to find out… So it looks like I wont find out for a while seeing as though I’m sticking to my New Year’s resolution this year…