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Last night my parents were questioning me like the Spanish inquisition. They were asking about Shaan-kun. I couldn’t lie about him. The result of this quite long winded conversation was that my parents agreed to meet him.
My father decided that Shaan-kun should visit after the New Year. My mother said he could visit anytime except Christmas. Dad was smug to find out that Shaan-kun decided to come after the New Year.
I think it turned out quite well.


Unfair And Unjust

I got in trouble with my parents earlier. Maybe it was the way I dealt with things that pissed my dad off or maybe it was the fact that he just can’t stand it when I’m the one that’s right. I had my phone taken off me (oh the horror! I love sarcasm) and made to sit down “thinking about what I’d done” like a fucking child. What I’d done was stood up for myself in the face of injustice. My younger sister was treating me like shit so I told her she couldn’t borrow the stuff she needed from me and I wouldn’t move just because she didn’t like where I was sitting. Okay, maybe I was just being stubborn but I don’t have to let her borrow my stuff and she doesn’t control what I do. I am thoroughly sick of how people treat me. No matter how confident I try to seem or what kind of aura I try to give off, I still get the odd obnoxious brat who thinks he’s better than everyone else spitting on me. Maybe I really will have to kick shit in someone before people actually see that I’m not to be fucking messed with. I also noticed that I’ve been spitting out a lot more profanities as of late. Ah well.

Love My Life… Lol Jk

So I asked my dad if my Oppa could sleep at the weekend… He never gave me a straight answer. Then he gets me angry because of his own narrow mindedness and pride so I mouth back at him. Then he says my Oppa can’t sleep over. Great. I ruined it. And to top it off, guess what it was all about? Games. Freaking game discs. And I was right anyway – he said that himself. Lovely.


Sometimes I wonder if they really have their child’s best interests at heart.